Two firsts this week on the podcast: first time we’ve had a two-guest interview and first time we’ve had guests who aren’t native to the tech industry. 

Rishon Blumberg and Michael Solomon are pioneers in the talent management space having worked with A-list celebrities like Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer. A decade ago they set out to bring what they learned in entertainment to the tech talent economy.

They’ve since published the popular book Game Changer and have been busy helping the tech community find gigs.

Listen and learn…

  • What it takes to be 10X better at everything.
  • The unique personal attributes that separate "10Xers" from everyone else.
  • What the guys learned managing Bruce Springsteen.
  • How one 10Xer changed the world…starting with energy bars.
  • Why managing rock stars is a lot like managing tech talent.
  • The guys advice for entrepreneurs: "…when hustling fails grit is what gets you back to hustling again."

References in the show:

  1. Rishon's TED talk
  2. 10X Management
  3. Musicians On Call
  4. Ethos Water and Charity Water