Rene Steenvoorden, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at HR behemoth Randstad, started in IT 30 years ago when technology was a distraction and IT gear was relegated to server rooms in the basement. He's a two-time CIO of the year award winner and a visionary in HRTech.  Rene's an evangelist for using technology to improve the employee experience having served in similar roles at Rabobank, McKinsey, and Procter & Gamble.  You might ask why a 60-year old staffing firm needs a CDO. Well, you won't after meeting Rene!

Listen and learn:

  1.  How chatbots are eliminating the "black hole of recruiting"
  2. Why you may land your next job in the metaverse
  3. The single biggest factor that determines how candidates rate the recruiting process
  4. Which disruptive technologies are improving the hiring process
  5. Why retaining existing employees is much less expensive than recruiting new ones 
  6. The role of technology in blue collar vs. white collar hiring processes 
  7. How to mitigate the impact of bias when training ML models to select candidates

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