René Morkos, CEO and Founder of ALICE Technologies, grew up wanting to build things. That passion led him to degrees in Construction Management and an adjunct professorship at Stanford. In 2015, he founded ALICE to improve the efficiency of complex construction projects. Rene has since raised nearly $40M from an incredible list of investors including Lightspeed, Merus, and Future Ventures. 

Listen and learn…

  1. What René learned from his first job after college working on construction sites in Afghanistan
  2. Why ConstructionTech has attracted nearly $6B since 2014
  3. How algorithms figure out what 6,000 people on a construction site should do every day
  4. What the world will be like in ten years when technology is fully adopted in the construction industry 
  5. Why "startups are really just R&D departments for large companies"
  6. What's hard about building startups…that they don't teach you in CEO school

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