Rak Garg recently shifted from Product Management at companies like Atlassian and Redfin to investing at OpenView Venture Partners, the iconic firm behind companies like Datadog, ExactTarget, Instructure, and others. He shares the playbook for enterprise software startups looking to disrupt incumbents like Splunk and Atlassian. His thesis on SIEM (security event management) and log analytics spawned an excellent blog post on how startups are unbundling Splunk and defining new categories in the process. Follow Rak at rak_garg on twitter.

Listen and learn…

  1. Why investing is harder than being a Product Manager
  2. Where Splunk and Atlassian are vulnerable to disruption from startups
  3. Rak’s perspective on what must change about Silicon Valley culture
  4. The importance of “don’t F&*%$ the customer” as a core component of company culture

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