Phil Johnson, founder and CEO of Master of Business Leadership (MBL) and veteran tech exec, overcame adversity as a kid when he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Phil taught himself to learn differently. He has helped organizations generate more than $1.5B by teaching leaders how to improve their emotional intelligence.

Listen and learn…

  1. Why emotional intelligence is the most important skill for leaders.
  2. Why Phil says leaders battle our "500 million year old brain that doesn't like change."
  3. What Phil means by this: "we're the virus on the planet and we need to adapt to change to survive as a species."
  4. Why toxic environments are leading to record low employee engagement that is costing businesses over a trillion dollars per year.
  5. What Phil means by "we're born with an unconscious mind that gets wired as we grow to form habits."
  6. How leaders can endure pain and channel passion to get more energy and feel more motivated.
  7. How Apple's hiring practices and Putin's invasion of Ukraine are related.
  8. Questions to ask to hire candidates with the highest EQ.

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