Peter Fishman ("Fish"), co-founder and CEO of Mozart Data, had a vision for making it easy for any business to unlock the value of their data via a modern data stack. He and his co-founder believe rote data engineering work shouldn't require teams of in-house data engineers. Fish turned his PhD in Economics and passion for statistics into a successful, venture-backed YC company that is defining the future of data analytics.

Listen and learn…

  1. Why Fish believes "not every business gets value out of their data… but every business can."
  2. The role of data pipelines in automating the cleaning and transforming of data.
  3. Fish's prediction for where humans will be needed for data analysis in a decade.
  4. What Fish learned working with David Sacks at Yammer.
  5. How bacon hot sauce inspired the founding of Mozart Data.

References in this episode:

  • Barr Moses from Monte Carlo  on AI and the Future of Work
  • Derek Steer from Mode on AI and the Future of Work
  • Fivetran for simplifying data integration