Today's guest created one of the largest communities for conversational AI and generative AI enthusiasts. Pete Erickson is the founder of Modev which hosts the popular VOICE & AI conference and also others including the GovAI Summit. 

Pete started the company back in 2009 and has since produced over 150 events across 89 countries that have connected more than 125,000 people. Pete and the team have created communities for tech companies like Samsung and Amazon. Today, we get a glimpse into the mind of a great entrepreneur who is focused on making AI education accessible to everyone.

Listen and learn…

  1. How Modev went from a few people in a pizza shop… to a conversational AI event with more than  1,000 attendees
  2. How Modev trained developers to build Alexa skills… in 2009
  3. How new AI regulation is impacting the generative AI developer community
  4. How Pete would regulate generative AI
  5. About Sam Altman's request to Congress for OpenAI to be regulated
  6. Should we expect AI vendors to regulate themselves?
  7. What we can learn from GDPR in Europe about forthcoming AI regulation
  8. How AI will transform the entertainment industry
  9. Which jobs will be replaced by AI… and which ones are future-proof
  10. What big news Pete will be announcing at the Voice & AI conference

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