Paul Lee, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Synesis One, combined his love of games with a passion for NLP and AI. He realized language ontologies can be developed by players solving problems in games. They can be rewarded with NFTs backed by tokens on a blockchain. A brilliant idea… from a Renaissance man who is also a medical doctor and the founder of a care marketplace for veterinarians. This is a fascinating one! 
Listen and learn…

  1.  The future of large language models  (LLMs)
  2.  How ontologies can be crowd-sourced using games with NFTs as rewards
  3. How Synesis One is gamifying data yield farming with tokens on a Solana blockchain
  4. About the first graphic novel that is also an NFT-based sci fi game
  5. Why Paul selected  Solana instead of the more popular Ethereum blockchain
  6. How to mitigate bias from entering ontologies generated by gamers

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