New format this week: a special panel discussion with Justin Fitzhugh from Snowflake, Liz Holland from Dell, and Luca Blanzuoli from Credit Suisse…

Learn insights about the future of AI in IT Operations from the pros:

  • “We couldn’t keep the environment available without AI technology.” -Liz from Dell
  • “It’s time to switch paradigms. It’s not ok to have outages with the same root cause twice. We should have no outages.” -Luca from Credit Suisse 
  • “AI is like having a PhD on the team transferred from generation to generation… without having to earn the degree.” -Luca from Credit Suisse
  • “We can’t keep up with the growth of our business without AI and automation. As a data management platform, the business expects us to continuously innovate.” -Justin from Snowflake


  • We coin a new IT acronym. You’ll soon replace “KTLO” with “KTTPOTS”. 
  • We discuss what you need to know to start a new DevOps or SRE team.
  • We learn how Dell was able to migrate 140,000 global employees to home offices…over a weekend!

Thanks to our wonderful panelists for a fun conversation. Enjoy!