Milin Desai was an executive at VMware before taking the CEO role at Sentry last year. Since then, he led a $60M funding round that valued the company at $1B. An exceptional group of investors including Accel and NEA as well as new investor BOND participated. In this discussion with Dan Turchin, Milin openly shares the challenges of growing a startup and where there's room for innovation in the crowded monitoring space.

Listen and learn…

  1. What all other monitoring vendors are missing that created an opportunity for Sentry
  2. What Sentry does better than the legacy APM vendors
  3. The dirty secret of DevOps
  4. Why NoOps won't replace DevOps any time soon
  5. The one non-technical skill that has helped Milin most in his career

Thanks to Banjot Chanana for the introduction to Milin!