In 2020 when today's guest founded her company the transformer architecture was relatively new and OpenAI was a science experiment funded by Elon Musk to ensure that AGI benefits all humanity. She and her team commercialized an early version of a co-pilot for writing content long before we appreciated the value of next-word prediction.

Since then, May Habib and the team have raised $21M from an exceptional group of investors including Insight Partners and Gradient Ventures. Today, Writer helps company authors comply with style and brand guidelines and also ensure grammatical accuracy. It's used by an amazing list or organizations including Spotify, Intuit, and Uber.

Prior to Writer, May co-founded Qordoba and was a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum after graduating from Harvard with a BA in Economics.

Listen and learn…

  1. How May got her start in NLP
  2. What enterprise leaders don't understand about the current state of generative AI
  3. How to speak to your data using LLMs 
  4. Why Writer uses graph databases instead of vector databases for generative AI
  5. How Writer mitigates the impact of bias, copyright infringement, and halluciations when using LLMs
  6. How AI is being used to replace tasks people hate… without eliminating jobs
  7. How AI helps users with neurodiversity issues like ADHD
  8. How May navigated a tough company pivot

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