Matt Martin is on a mission to help the world make time for what matters. He founded Clockwise in 2016 to fix the time problem.

Since then, he and the team have raised 76 million from exceptional investors, including Greylock, Cotu, Excel, Bain, and a common investor, the Slack Fund.  More than 15, 000 organizations run Clockwise. Matt was also an engineering leader at Relate IQ before Salesforce acquired it for $390 million in 2014.

In our conversation, we discuss: 

  • Interesting ways to improve your productivity
  • New developments in GPT-4 supporting productivity
  • Challenges of time management and the impact of AI in reshaping scheduling practices, emphasizing the importance of tools like Clockwise in optimizing work schedules.
  • Lesson in entrepreneurship from Matt
  • How AI can be leveraged to make your work more fulfilling
  • Much more