This week's guest has been called “America’s Best Leader” by U.S. News and “The Entrepreneur Whisperer” by ABC, Fox, and NPR. Linda Rottenberg is the Co-founder and CEO of Endeavor, the world's leading community of high-impact entrepreneurs. She's also an accomplished author, speaker, investor, and mentor for global entrepreneurs. Linda's a mom of twins, a compassionate leader, and a force of nature having overseen the creation of more than four million jobs and 27 billion in revenue from Endeavor companies.

Listen and learn:

  1. About inspirational entrepreneurs like Wences Casare from Argentina and Vu Van from Vietnam. 
  2.  Why "…chaos is the friend of the entrepreneur."
  3. Why "…the days when we thought entrepreneurs were boys in hoodies in Silicon Valley will soon be an ancient relic."
  4. How personal tragedy made Linda a better leader.
  5. About Linda's advice to a younger version of herself: "be less super and more human."
  6. Why you should take the #MindsetChallenge from Endeavor and Masters of Scale.

Entrepreneurs and companies mentioned in the episode: