Kia Kokalitcheva, Axios tech reporter, is a Silicon Valley native who writes about tech news and culture. Among other things, she co-authors the popular Pro Rata newsletter (over 200k subscribers) with Dan Primack. Kia has covered many of the most iconic tech stories of the past decade as a writer at Fortune and VentureBeat prior to Axios which was just acquired by Cox Enterprises. Kia recently wrote about Adam Neumann’s new company, Flow. Hear Kia’s perspectives on how Flow could transform living like WeWork transformed working… and why she’s not scared that bots may take her job. 

Listen and learn… 

  1. How Adam Neumann of WeWork fame raised $350M at a $1B valuation from A16Z for his new company Flow… before launching  
  2. Kia’s proudest moment as a journalist 
  3. What the acquisition of Axios by Cox Enterprises means for journalism 
  4. How Flow may be more than the reincarnation of WeWork’s failed WeLive experiment 
  5. As a culture, are we ready for communal living? 
  6. What is the future of company perks… are the days of on-site dry cleaning numbered? 
  7. How the generational shift is impacting cultural norms in the workplace 
  8. What tasks bots will never do better than live journalists 

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