Kevin Mulcahy, co-author of the Future Workplace Experience, has been thinking and writing about the future of work since 2016. Six years ago the future of work was dramatically different. Reading Kevin’s book makes him seem like a clairvoyant who predicted the future. 

In addition to being a successful author Kevin is a sought after speaker on all topics related to the future of work and workplace trends. In the past, he also lectured on entrepreneurship at Babson College.

Listen and learn:

  1. What HR teams need to know about delivering great employee experiences
  2. How Airbnb created a culture of measuring and improving the employee experience
  3. What are progressive employers doing to make the transition back to office work easier
  4. The three "soft leadership" questions every manager should get great at asking
  5. How to measure the quality of employee experiences
  6. How AI can be used to detect changes in tone in employee engagement
  7. Where to start when using AI to improve the employee experience
  8. How the metaverse will improve remote work

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