Kamal Ahluwalia and the Eightfold team set out to find the right career for everyone in the world. Six years later after having raised more than $200M from a legendary group of investors and built a talented 600-person team, they’re well on their way. Kamal joined Eightfold as President in 2018 from a successful tech career at companies like Model N and Selectica. Hear Kamal share his vision for how to use data and AI to help employees upskill, reskill, and ultimately find careers they love. 

Listen and learn…

  1. How Eightfold operationalizes the bold vision to find “the right career for everyone in the world" 
  2. What has helped Eightfold scale to support customers in 140 countries and 19 languages
  3. How an AI HR platform helps with upskilling for internal mobility but also with hiring and talent-skill matching
  4. Why legacy HR tech software failed by focusing on “compliance vs. employee needs” 
  5. Why automation won’t eliminate jobs… but every job will change as a result of AI 
  6. How understanding human potential starts with understanding data stored outside HCM in “systems of work” like CRM and ITSM 
  7. How to mitigate the impact of biased data to use AI to achieve inclusion and diversity goals
  8. How AI can identify roles where employees are likely to succeed… even when they have no experience performing skills they require 
  9. What are the ethical implications of using AI to hire and promote employees 

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