Today’s guest is one of the most respected thought leaders in the HR and HRTech space. Josh Bersin’s name is synomous with HR thought leadership. He first started covering the space in 2001 before selling Bersin & Associates to Deloitte in 2012. His current namesake company, The Josh Bersin Company, hosts the popular annual conference Irresistible and is a prolific publisher of content related to the future of work, talent management, corporate learning, and leadership.

Josh is also the author of the popular book Irresistible: The Seven Secrets of the World's Most Enduring, Employee-Focused Organizations, which was published in 2022. Oh, and he also hosts a great podcast. I always enjoy his candid commentary on HRTech.

Listen and learn…

  1. The single employee behavior that most impacts productivity
  2. What people practice surprised Josh most about what distinguishes leading from lagging companies
  3. How "taking care of people" saved many companies during the pandemic
  4. The HRTech innovation that improves the employee experience most
  5. Why employees took back power from employers… and insisted on better tools
  6. Where are there opportunities to innovate in HRTech
  7. How AI "meets people in the flow of work"
  8. How talent intelligence is assisting HR leaders
  9. Why employees shouldn't feel threatened by AI
  10. Why what Josh calls "organizational ingenuity" is more important than having the best tech skills
  11. The future of work, according to Josh

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