Today’s guest is a General Partner at Foundation Capital, one of the most iconic venture capital firms in the world. Foundation has found and funded companies like Netflix, Solana, Jasper, and the list goes on.

Joanne Chen began her investing career at Foundation in 2014 and has sourced and advised an incredible group of companies including Tonkean, Tubi, and CaptivateIQ. Joanne received her BS in EE and CS from Cal and her MBA from the University of Chicago. She's also a popular TEDx speaker.

Today we get a master class on how the best are adapting to one of the most challenging venture investing climates in decades. Joanne and I met on a panel discussion a few months back . I've been looking forward to introducing her to our community.

Listen and learn…

  1. Joanne's perspective on the euphoria surrounding GenAI
  2. What's different about investing in AI post-ChatGPT
  3. Why AI tools are increasing the pace of innovation
  4. The difference between crypto and AI investing
  5. What responsible AI means to Joanne
  6. Joanne's advice to "AI entrepreneurs" pitching venture investors
  7. How long before AI will take Joanne's job

References in this episode…

  1. Ashu Garg on AI and the Future of Work
  2. Joanne's TEDx talk: Confessions of an AI Investor
  3. Joanne's TEDx talk: Why AI Promises a Brighter Future
  4. The ethical implications of using AI in healthcare