Jason Wojahn has been building companies and helping enterprises use technology for nearly 30 years. He learned a few things before launching Thirdera, the largest pure-play ServiceNow partner, earlier this year. Jason shares his perspectives on the right ways to introduce innovation to clients… and also the right way to reward innovation within his own team. Thirdera has created a brand that is fun and a culture that empowers everyone to do their best work.

Listen and learn…

  • Why there's still room to disrupt in the crowded ServiceNow partner ecosystem
  • How Thirdera works with clients to define their innovation agenda
  • What Jason means by "being e-lingual is as important as being bilingual" 
  • Why "we’re in the early innings of cloud… and we haven’t even dressed for the field yet in AI." 

Oh, and listen to our discussion with Marc Talluto from 2019 for insight into the story behind Thirdera.