Jason Corsello, Founder & General Partner at Acadian Ventures, didn't set out to be a venture capitalist. He was a tech industry analyst and product manager before falling in love with HRTech and the future of work. He has become one of the most prominent investors focused on disruptive technologies defining the new employee experience based in part on what he learned growing Cornerstone OnDemand from $40M to over $500M ARR.

Listen and learn…

  1. What Jason learned about entrepreneurship and the challenges of post-IPO life as part of the leadership team at Cornerstone OnDemand 
  2. Recent Acadian investments… and what got Jason excited enough to invest 
  3. The evolution of software delivery from on-prem to SaaS to self-assembly 
  4. The challenges and benefits of being a solo GP vs. a corporate VC 
  5. How startups can disrupt LinkedIn…. and payroll 
  6. The single biggest predictor of startup success 

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Thanks to Dave Kellogg for the intro to Jason!