Jaime Ramirez, CEO and Founder of Preventor, and stalwart of the Miami tech scene, shares how banks and brands are using new authentication technology to make life online safer. Automating authentication to verify age and other personal attributes is cheaper than manual verification and also more accurate. The stakes are high if automated decisions are wrong.  Hear Jaime explain the best way to automate the process of verifying your age or gender with AI.

Listen and learn:

  1. How banks are automating authentication processes to comply with know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulatory requirements
  2. How the US compares with other countries, specifically Latin America, when it comes to KYC compliance and enforcement
  3. When it's ok to use technology to automate identity verification vs. when humans need to intervene
  4. Which forms of biometric data are most accurate for identity verification
  5. How to mitigate the risk of bias when using AI plus selfies to verify age
  6. When we'll finally move beyond passwords for identity management
  7. What's fueling the net outflow of tech talent from Silicon Valley to Miami

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