Hina Dixit, venture capitalist leading AI investing at Samsung NEXT, grew up in a small town in India from humble beginnings. She couldn’t afford a Starbucks coffee and graduated with significant student debt… which fueled her passion for mentoring and coaching as she became financially independent. 

Prior to Samsung NEXT, Hina was an Apple engineering leader who helped launch two-factor authentication and other core iOS technologies. Hina’s a reluctant venture investor having always been a builder. A mentor from Homebrew encouraged her to pursue investing and she’s now passionate about finding and funding the next generation of AI and web3 entrepreneurs.

Listen and learn… 

  1. How Hina overcame institutional biases to achieve success in engineering leadership roles and venture investing 
  2. How being trusted with money at a young age by her father helped Hina become independent and confident in her career 
  3. The challenges Hina faced transitioning from a builder at Apple to an investor at Samsung NEXT 
  4. What Hina looks for when investing in AI and web3 startups 
  5. Where there are opportunities for innovation in web3 and metaverse infrastructure 
  6. What will prevent Big Tech from centralizing the decentralized web 
  7. How Hina thinks about responsible AI when evaluating new investments 
  8. How and when entrepreneurs should engage corporate venture capital (CVC) firms 
  9. The AR/VR technology Hina wants to invest in… her inbox is open 🙂 

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