Guillermo Corea is the Managing Director of the SHRM Workplace Innovation Lab and Venture Capital initiatives. He joined SHRM in 2015. He and his team are focused on finding and cultivating technologies that will impact the future of work. Guillermo’s team organizes the SHRM Better Workplaces Challenge Cup and Workplace Tech Accelerator plus they lead the organization’s impact investing program. Guillermo is a vocal leader in the HRTech community.  

This was a fun one because we got to record in person at SHRMTech 2023 in San Francisco. Only our fifth live recording in more than 190 episodes!

Listen and learn…

  1. How HR teams should drive workplace innovation 
  2. Which Shark Tank shark is judging the Better Workplaces Challenge Cup
  3. How SHRM Labs connects tech entrepreneurs with HR leaders 
  4. Why the CHRO is the most strategic exec in the C-suite 
  5. How the pandemic and an aging employee population are creating opportunities for HRTech 
  6. The technology Guillermo says will change work most in the next decade 
  7. How to confront the problem of biased algorithms making HR decisions 
  8. Why the HR blockchain will replace background check vendors 
  9. The HRTech company Guillermo is ready to fund! 

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