Gordon Wilson, CEO and founder of Rain Neuromorphics, turned a childhood fascination with science fiction into an entrepreneurial passion to recreate the human brain on a chip. Neuromorphic computing is an emerging field of AI that strives to build synthetic nervous systems for use on edge computing devices. The challenges are numerous but if Gordon and his team succeed they may make Isaac Asimov’s bold visions of life with robots seem quaint in a decade.

Listen and learn:

  1. How a love of science fiction combined with being raised in a home with entrepreneurial parents led to the founding of Rain Neuromorphics.
  2. How to create neurons, synapses, and massively deep neural nets with code
  3. Which core technologies from 1985 and 1999 enabled today’s AI revolution.
  4. The difference between the “physics-based” AI used in neuromorphic computing and traditional digital AI .
  5. What Gordon hears from venture investors who don’t get neuromorphic computing.
  6. Why Gordon says “…any sufficiently complex technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
  7. Where we are today with neuromorphic computing and the path to a full artificial nervous system.

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Thanks to Rob May for the intro to Gordon!