Gary Bolles, entrepreneur, venture advisor, and best-selling author, is a deep thinker who established roots in Silicon Valley in the 80s to pursue his joint passions for technology and exploring what he calls the three boxes of life – learning, work, and leisure. He’s the author of The Next Rules of Work which was published August 31. He’s also the chair for the Future of Work at Singularity University and the founder of eParachute among other companies. Oh, and his LinkedIn courses have helped train more than 800,000 students. 

Listen and learn…

  1. How the son of a laid off minister became one of the foremost authorities on the future of work
  2. What opportunities are being created by "The Great Reset"
  3. How technology is redefining work… and redefining our identity as humans
  4. What it means that we're moving from a "workforce" to a "worknet"
  5. About the $10 million exercise… and why it's the best way to find your passion
  6. Why living the acronym "PACE" is the best way to ensure future career success

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