Francois Candelon, Managing Director at the BCG Henderson Institute, has spent 30 years researching how companies adopt modern technology.  His research spans business, technology, economics, and science. Francois is a popular speaker, author, and advisor who has been featured at events including Mobile World Congress, TED@BCG, Politico AI Summit, and Wuzhen Internet Conference. Francois is also a leader on BCG's GAMMA AI@Scale team. 

Listen and learn…

  1. The one company Francois says best illustrates how AI can transform legacy industries
  2. Why "artificial intelligence" isn't really "intelligent"
  3. What is an "AI strategy"… and what are the four questions to ask to define yours
  4. How a fintech company in the UK reduced costs to transfer money by 90% with AI
  5. What's required to earn the public's trust in AI
  6. Why every company should be required to have a "social license" to use AI

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