Emmanuel Turlay spent more than a decade in engineering roles at tech-first companies like Instacart and Cruise before realizing machine learning engineers need a better solution. Emmanuel started Sematic earlier this year and was part of the YC summer 2022 batch. He recently raised a $3M seed round from investors including Race Capital and Soma Capital. Thanks to friend of the podcast and former guest Hina Dixit from Samsung NEXT for the intro to Emmanuel.

I’ve been involved with the AutoML space for five years and, for full disclosure, I’m on the board of Auger which is in a related space. I’ve seen the space evolve and know how much room there is for innovation. This one's a great education about what’s broken and what’s ahead from a true machine learning pioneer.

Listen and learn…

  1. How to turn every software engineer into a machine learning engineer
  2. How AutoML platforms are automating tasks performed in traditional ML tools
  3. How Emmanuel translated learning from Cruise, the self-driving car company, into an open source platform available to all data engineering teams
  4. How to move from building an ML model locally to deploying it to the cloud and creating a data pipeline… in hours
  5. What you should know about self-driving cars… from one of the experts who developed the brains that power them
  6. Why 80% of AI and ML projects fail

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