Elliot Shmukler, CEO and founder of Anomalo, needed a better way to monitor data quality at scale. He previously led growth teams at Wealthfront, Instacart, and LinkedIn and experienced firsthand the impact of incomplete or inaccurate data. Anomalo has now raised nearly $40M from amazing investors including Norwest, Two Sigma, and Foundation to make data problems a thing of the past.

Listen and learn…

  1. What Elliot means when citing Jeff Weiner from Linkedin: "If you're launching a rocket even a one degree course change can mean you won't land on the moon."
  2. About the data quality issue nobody noticed at Instacart that impacted millions of users.
  3. How the role of the data scientist will change as AI platforms automate data quality monitoring.
  4. When there's a need for humans in the loop to override AI systems.
  5. Why every product will soon be as good at personalization as Spotify and Netflix.
  6. The number one skill every student needs to learn that will never be replaced by machines.

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