Edmundo Gonzalez, Co-founder and CEO of Marpai Health, realized our health plans have a significant impact on the quality of our health. Using AI to predict who will need care and when can lead to better health care plans and a healthier population. Edmundo's on a mission to make it easier for all of us stay healthy… which first requires the traditional healthcare system to be disrupted.

Listen and learn:

  1. How to turn America's "sickcare" system into a true "healthcare" system.
  2. How AI can make better decisions about who is likely to need care and when.
  3. How to use data to recommend treatment early to prevent significant, more costly procedures later.
  4. How to optimize deep learning models using patient data to balance accurately predicting who will need care (precision) with how many recommendations are made  (recall).
  5. The ethical implications of using patient data to make healthcare decisions.
  6. Why Big Tech doesn't own the future of healthcare.

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