Durga Mulladi is the SVP & GM for Technology Planning & Edge Solutions at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the iconic company best known for enabling cell phones via its CDMA technology and chipsets that were first demonstrated in 1985. Durga has been an integral part of Qualcomm's growth having spent nearly 26 years there in various technology leadership roles.

He holds 578 patents, is a senior member of IEEE, received his PhD in '98 from UCLA, and was awarded Qualcomm's IP excellence award. Durga's list of accolades and accomplishments goes on for days. We're all fortunate to learn from a wireless pioneer and true tech legend.

Listen and learn…

  1. Durga's insights from more than 25 years pioneering wireless technology
  2. An insider's view of Qualcomm's formula for success
  3. How networks and chips enabled the birth of the smartphone
  4. Qualcomm's AI roadmap
  5. How soon we can expect LLMs running locally on phones
  6. How AI takes advantage of the unique capabilities of 5G networks
  7. How to figure out what transactions happen on the device vs. in the cloud
  8. How LLM fine-tuning may soon happen on the edge of the network or on the device
  9. What size LLMs can be run locally while managing power consumption
  10. How to improve consumer trust in LLMs

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