Dr. Shiv Rao is a cardiologist, teacher, former corporate VC, and the CEO of an exciting company that is changing how doctors help patients. Dr. Rao started Abridge in March 2018 to solve one of the biggest problems in healthcare. He has since raised $27M most recently in a $12.5M series A extension last August from leading investors including Bessemer, Union Square, Wittington Ventures, and legendary AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio.

Today we explore what happens when AI automates the error-prone task of doctors taking notes during patient visits. It’s easy to imagine a world where quality of ilife improves because doctors are present, focused on patient outcomes, and able to develop more genuine, human relationships while AI automates everything else.

Listen and learn… 

  1. How much of a doctor’s time is spent not focused on patient care 
  2. How AI can replace “pajama time” for doctors… and reduce burnout 
  3. Why doctors require a 27-hour work day to deliver the quality of care patients expect 
  4. How to use generative AI to assist doctors to capture better notes 
  5. Who is responsible when AI makes mistakes that lead to incorrect diagnoses for patients 
  6. Why AI won’t replace doctors… but doctors using AI may replace doctors not using it 
  7. How Abridge reduces the risk of generative AI hallucinations 
  8. How a design thinking lecture changed Dr. Rao’s life 

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