Dr. Mamoun Samaha, CTO at the International Technological University and Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University, is an operator and academic with a long track record of success in the classroom and board room. His research spans the areas of mobility, security, and networking. He has strong opinions about what it means to be human in an age of automation. Worth a listen to hear his insights about how technology will change our lives in the next decade. 

Listen and learn…

  1. What's required to be a great CTO.
  2. Why Dr. Samaha says "change is now exponential… it's no longer linear."
  3.  Why AI-powered security solutions at the edge of the network are critical.
  4. Tips for startups selling technology to CTOs.
  5. The one product Dr. Samaha would purchase today if it existed.
  6. The skills every high schooler should learn that will never be replaced by AI.

References in this episode…