Today’s guests are using machine learning to turn real world data from past interactions into insights. Dr. Hyde is the co-founder and CEO of Atropos Health which has commercialized the insights exchange for healthcare.

Dr. Hyde raised a $14M series in August 2022 from an exceptional group of investors including Breyer Capital and Emerson Capital.

Dr. Hyde is joined by an early user of Atropos, Dr. John Halamka, President of the Mayo Clinic Platform. Dr. Halamka has been developing and implementing healthcare information strategy and policy for more than 25 years. He specializes in artificial intelligence, the adoption of electronic health records and the secure sharing of healthcare data for care coordination, population health, and quality improvement. He was elected to the National Academy of Medicine in 2020.

For AI and the Future of Work trivia buffs this is one of only three episodes we’ve recorded with multiple guests. The last one with Tooso founders Ciro Greco and Jacopo Tagliabue was one of our most memorable.

Listen and learn…

  1. Why ChatGPT shouldn't be used for medical diagnoses
  2. How Atropos uses healthcare data from the Mayo Clinic Platform combined with AI to assist caregivers
  3. How to use AI to automate the research that can otherwise takes weeks or months
  4. How the lack of access to data-driven recommendations leads to dangerous patient outcomes
  5. Who is responsible when AI makes a bad decision that adversely impacts a patient
  6. How to use NLP to remove PII to make it usable by AI (and certify data hygiene)
  7. The challenges of managing patient data at scale in a way that complies with HIPAA regulations

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