Eric Daimler advised the Obama administration on how to have conversations about AI. His work led to the creation of the AI office within the Science Advisory Group of The White House which has now become a cabinet-level position reporting to The President. Eric's a walking encyclopedia about AI policy and he shares all in this fascinating discussion about the future of technology, ethics, and society.

Listen and learn…

  1. What it's like to shift from academia to venture capital to entrepreneurship to public service
  2. How the growth of data sources as well as data creates an unimaginably large number of data relationships
  3. How Conexus applied categorical algebra to bring together 300k databases at Uber
  4. Why it's data integration limitations that are constraining AI innovation more than compute, storage, or algorithms
  5.  How category theory is required for smart contracts on blockchains and quantum computing
  6.  How Eric thinks about when AI should make autonomous decisions vs. requiring human intervention
  7.  The role of regulation in managing job elimination due to AI
  8.  The ethical framework Eric proposes for evaluating what decisions AI can and should make
  9. The challenges of enforcing data policies like GDPR in the EU
  10. How Eric defines "responsible AI"

References in this episode…