Dipanwita ("D") Das, Founder and CEO of Sorcero, is an award-winning technology entrepreneur and AI innovator.  She is the CEO & Co-founder of Sorcero, a venture-backed AI Saas product startup, focused on using AI and NLP to inform critical decisions to improve lives.  Prior to starting Sorcero, D was the founder & CEO of 42 Strategies, managing digital transformation projects for Richard Branson's Virgin United, Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, and Bloomberg Philanthropies. 

Listen and learn…

  1. Why D says "…doing something that leaves a legacy of good" is a core element of Sorcero's mission.
  2. What D means by "…humans plus AI is greater than humans alone."
  3. How Sorcero strives to "accelerate vs. automate" decisions.
  4. How Sorcero helped doctors diagnose a rare form of metastatic breast cancer and save a life.
  5. What it means for patients that healthcare data is growing at a 36% CAGR.
  6. How Sorcero marries heuristics with NLP and transfer learning to help researchers. 
  7. D's advice to females in male-dominated fields: "The only way to win is to persist."

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