Derek Steer cut his teeth as a data analyst at Facebook and Yammer more than a decade ago. He co-founded Mode in 2013 to make it easier to ask questions about data and get better answers faster. Mode has since raised four rounds of funding including a recent $33M round from an exceptional group of investors. 52% of Fortune 500 companies use Mode and Derek has grown the team to more than 300 employees. Derek's vision: "drive the time to do analysis down to zero." He's well on his way!

Listen and learn…

  1. What Mode's doing to "unlock the power of human reasoning"
  2. What Derek learned about tools for data analysts from Facebook and Yammer
  3. Why there will always be a need for analytics frontends even amid competition from data warehouses like Snowflake
  4. The future of work for data analysts
  5. The biggest tragedy in BI today

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