Anyone who has ever hired a new employee knows how important and broken the background check process is. The experience is awful for candidates and employers. Plus, it's inherently unfair for under-represented and non-traditional candidates. Imagine a world where hiring the best people is easier and faster and all forms of verification data are provided automatically from trusted sources.

Today's guest is making that vision a reality. Denise Hemke is the Chief Product Officer at Checkr, the amazing company making employee screening more fair for everyone. Checkr has raised nearly $700M since its founding in 2014. Denise heads up product management, design, and program management after having served in various leadership roles at Workday including most recently GM for Analytics. Denise is also the San Francisco chapter lead for the excellent organization Products That Count started by friend of the podcast SC Moatti.

Listen and learn…

  1. How to fix the broken background check process
  2. How to give candidates with non-traditional backgrounds access to the labor force
  3. How technology is making the hiring process more fair and helping workers get paid faster
  4. How to use AI to reduce bias in hiring decisions
  5. How AI used for background checks should be regulated
  6. What Denise learned about building customer communities as a General Manager at Workday

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