Denis Jacquet is concerned that automation is causing traditional jobs to mutate… and governments around the world are mismanaging the opportunity to prepare citizens for the new labor market. He has written extensively on how regulation is stifling innovation. Denis is a serial entrepreneur having started and sold multiple successful companies including EduFactory in the e-learning space. He's also an accomplished author and frequent TV and radio contributor in France on the future labor market.

Listen and learn…

  1. Why many events will remain virtual long after the pandemic… even though humans have a fundamental need for direct contact.
  2. What Europe can learn from countries like Israel and Korea about how to embrace innovation to stimulate company creation.
  3. Why companies like FoxConn are preparing to replace a million low-paying jobs with robots in the next decade.
  4. Why so many entrepreneurs sacrifice family for career.

Thanks to Philippe Cases, Topio Networks CEO, for the introduction to Denis.

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