Dave Kellogg, serial CEO, investor, and advisor, is a prolific blogger over at Kellblog.com. His annual predictions are a must-read for anyone in tech. This year's insights were no exception. Dave recently joined Balderton Capital as an executive in residence. His illustrious career has spanned exec stints at iconic companies like Host Analytics, Salesforce, MarkLogic, and Business Objects before it was acquired by SAP. Among other accolades, Dave’s SaaStr talks routinely rank in the top few most watched.

Dave owns two dubious distinctions: in over 100 episodes, he’s one of only three repeat guests on the podcast. He’s also the biggest Grateful Dead fan we know. The two are only loosely correlated.

Listen and learn:

  1. The single SaaS metric that matters most in 2022
  2. Dave's advice to innovators: "don't pave cow paths"
  3. What's different about the venture ecosystems in Silicon Valley and Europe
  4. What's ahead for Web3 and blockchain in the enterprise
  5. Why the future of decentralized services requires centralized platforms
  6. If 2021 was a Grateful Dead song…

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