Dave Kellogg is an advisor, director, consultant, angel investor, and blogger focused on enterprise software startups.  He’s the executive-in-residence (EIR) at Balderton Capital and the principal of his own eponymous consulting business.

He brings an uncommon perspective to startup challenges having 10 years’ experience at each of the CEO, CMO, and independent director levels across 10+ companies ranging in size from zero to over $1B in revenues.

Dave also authors the Kellblog which covers topics related to starting, leading, and scaling enterprise software startups including strategy, marketing, positioning, messaging, management, go-to-market, SaaS metrics, and venture capital financing.

Listen and learn

  • How Dave did with last year's predictions
  • What's ahead for the venture capital ecosystem in a post ZIRP environment
  • How CIOs are investing in automation
  • What to expect from the big LLM vendors
  • What's ahead for AI and copyright protection in 2024
  • And much more…

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