Darius Goldman, CEO and Founder of Meratas, discusses the future of education and how income share agreements (ISAs) are making college and trade school more accessible. Meratas partners with educational institutions to offer a financing option to students who can attend courses for free up front and pay later with a portion of future income. Meratas is off to a fast start with 30 education partners and 3,100 students.

Listen and learn…

  1. How ISAs create opportunities for students who couldn’t otherwise afford higher education
  2. Darius’ perspective on the future of education: “It’s a luxury to get educated for the sake of enrichment”
  3. How a waitress working three low-paying jobs is now selling software thanks to a Meratas-backed ISA 
  4. What Darius will be most proud of when Meratas transforms the education market

H/t to Jason Calacanis (@Jason) whose great interview with Darius led to this week’s podcast.

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