Today’s guest belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of amazing female leaders we've interviewed on this podcast. Daphne and I met in November while co-presenting at the HMG Strategy event in New York City. Daphne’s energy is infectious. Her passion for inspiring leaders was obvious on stage and even more obvious when we met afterward. Daphne’s new book Win When They Say You Won’t: Break Through Barriers and Keep Leveling Up Your Success became an instant best seller. Listen to this one and you’ll understand why.

Before becoming an author, Daphne started The Board Curators to help others prepare for serving as paid company directors. She serves on numerous boards including AMN Healthcare and Masonite International. Earlier in her career, Daphne was a serial CIO serving in IT leadership roles at companies including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and GE Healthcare.

Listen and learn…

  1. Daphne's remarkable path from poor kid in rural Illinois to global CIO
  2. How to overcome racial bias as a black female
  3. The subtle ways bias infiltrates organizations
  4. Where imposter syndrome originates… and how to conquer it
  5. How to "version your life" to adopt a growth mindset
  6. How to use Daphne's EDIT process to achieve your goals
  7. Why DEI "won't be a thing any more" in a decade

References in today's episode…