Carter Busse has been leading IT organizations for more than two decades. He has been an IT leader at successful, high-growth organizations ranging from Salesforce to MobileIron to 8×8 to Cohesity Among his many accolades, he was recently named a 2022 ORBIE Bay Area CIO of the year and was also the first IT leader hired at Salesforce back in 2000. 

Carter understands the challenges of managing tech infrastructure for high-growth tech companies where there’s zero margin for error because everyone thinks they know tech better than you. CIOs are like plumbing: nobody appreciates them when everything’s working but they’re the first to get blamed when there’s a blockage.

He's now the CIO of rising star Workato, the integration automation platform that has raised more than $400M, was most recently valued at nearly $6B, and has about 1,000 employees in 13 offices around the world. 

Listen and learn…

  1. What a CIO does.
  2. Why CIOs have the shortest tenure in the C-suite.
  3. The role of AI to improve employee experiences.
  4. How to recreate the Apple Genius Bar at work… for at-home employees.
  5. How generative AI will be used in the enterprise.
  6. Key questions to ask when evaluating new uses of AI.
  7. How CIOs deliver strategic value and avoid being "technology traffic cops".

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