Today’s guest is one of the most recognized investors and thought leaders in the conversational AI community. Bradley Metrock is the CEO of Project Voice, author of the popular Substack newsletter This Week in Voice with more than 30,000 subscribers, and a General Partner at Project Voice Capital Partners. Congrats to Bradley and the team on their recent announcement of their new rolling fund. 

Bradley’s a proud citizen of the Volunteer State of Tennessee. Fair warning: you may be ready to move to Chattanooga after today’s conversation. Oh, and he’s also an ironman in the world of podcasting having just launched season eight of This Week in Voice, a podcast he launched in 2017. We’re on about episode 180 of this podcast going back to 2019 so I admire Bradley’s stamina.

Listen and learn… 

  1. Where there’s opportunity for entrepreneurs to innovate in conversational AI 
  2. How conversational AI is changing quick serve restaurants, contact centers, banking, and hospitality 
  3. How Bradley evaluates new pitches at Project Voice Capital Partners 
  4. How Bradley defines voice technology in his market map 
  5. Is voice the new app… or perhaps the “original app” 
  6. Why generative AI is so disruptive 
  7. Should we be concerned about voice assistants like Siri and Alexa listening in on our conversations 
  8. What jobs will AI create over the next decade 
  9. Bradley sells the great state of Tennessee to entrepreneurs establishing roots outside a coastal state 

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