Bob Rogers, AI pioneer, entrpreneur, and author, started Oii in 2019 to automate supply chain design. The company uses advanced modeling and AI to optimize supply chain planning and automate the configuration of complex networks. Bob started his career as a Harvard physicist using neural networks to measure activity near black holes in deep space. 

During his 35 year career Bob has been a trailblazer in using AI to solve complex problems. He’s also an Expert in Residence for AI at UCSF Smarter Health and was Chief Data Scientist in the Data Center Group at Intel as well as co-founder and Chief Scientist at Apixio, a Healthcare AI company. 

Additionally, he co-authored the books Artificial Neural Networks: Forecasting Time Series and “De-mystifying Big Data and Machine Learning for Healthcare“. Bob received his BA in physics at UC Berkeley and his PhD in physics at Harvard. 

Listen and learn…

  1. How neural nets work… from a pioneer
  2. What it was like to co-author a book with ChatGPT
  3. What surprised Bob most when he tested the boundaries of ChatGPT
  4. Why ChatGPT spews credible nonsense
  5. The ethics of using generative AI to sell content derived from copyrighted materials
  6. Why ChatGPT became an instant global phenomenon
  7. How OpenAI trained ChatGPT "to be nice"
  8. Is there another "AI winter" ahead?

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