Binny Gill started his career as a programmer after studying CS and Engineering at IIT Kanpur and later UIUC, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He then had an impressive eight-year run as a technology leader at Nutanix, the hyper converged infrastructure company, eventually becoming its CTO for cloud services. In January 2021, Binny left Nutanix to start Kognitos based on a bold vision to make everyone a programmer. In this discussion, we learn about his journey and how generative AI just may change everything.

Thanks to Steve Kaplan for the intro to Binny.

Listen and learn:

  1. Binny's inspiration for starting Kognitos: "…why should humans need to think like machines… when machines can now think like humans?"
  2. What makes programming so hard.
  3. Why the future of programming is using natural language to describe the features you want.
  4. How computing interfaces restrict us from communicating like humans when programming.
  5. Why Binny says "generative AI is the new electricity."
  6. The most important leadership lesson Binny learned working alongside iconic leaders at IBM.

References in this episode: