Ben Kus is the chief technology officer at Box, where he’s responsible for developing Box's technology vision and strategy.  Previously, Ben was the VP of product management at Box. Before joining Box, he was the co founder and CTO of Subspace, an enterprise security solution that was acquired by Box. 

Ben’s held various leadership positions, including chief architect for IBM and senior director of technology for BigFix.  

What we discuss:

  • The role of generative AI in enhancing productivity and unlocking new use cases within enterprises, focusing on content management.
  • Ben shares insights into Box's innovative culture and compares it to other companies like IBM, highlighting the company's approach to technology and innovation.
  • The discussion touches on responsible AI use, regulatory considerations, and Box's commitment to transparency and compliance.
  • Ben addresses concerns about AI's impact on jobs, emphasizing AI's role in augmenting productivity rather than replacing human jobs.
  • Future trends in AI, including personalized AI assistance and potential advancements in AI capabilities, are explored.
  • The conversation ends with a fun anecdote about Box's CEO, Aaron Levie, known for his magic tricks and the company's unique culture of bringing your own self to work.

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