Ben Brennan, QSTAC CEO, author, and former IT exec at Yahoo and Verizon Media, is a world traveler, a musician, and a trained psychologist with passions for philosophy and psychotherapy. Not exactly the traditional background for an IT leader. Early roles at Pivotal Labs and Jawbone taught Ben that bringing humanity to technology is the future of work. He since published Badass IT Support and started QSTAC to measure the employee experience. 

Listen and learn…

  1. What Ben learned managing 100 people and supporting 15,000 employees at Yahoo
  2. How the culture at Pivotal Labs inspired Ben's philosophy on quantifying the employee experience
  3. How Ben convinced a former Apple leader why QSTAC is better than NPS
  4. Why CSAT scores don't actually correlate with how satisfied employees are at work
  5. How the principles of Design Thinking can be used to run IT
  6. What IT must do to avoid being "Uber-ed" like the taxi industry
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