We often discuss the future of work for enterprise employees. What technology will they use, how will people and machines interact, and how teams will be organized when geography and language are no longer barriers. Few have spent more time in and around enterprise service management than today’s guest and few are better qualified to share insights about what’s ahead.

Andi Mann has been a technology leader in technology companies around the world since the 90s. He founded Sageable, the digital transformation advisory services practice, in 2015 and has also recently served in roles that include CTO for DevOps at Splunk and VP Products and Strategy at CA which is now part of Broadcom. Andi and I both did time at BMC Software in the early 2000s. Andi is the author of multiple books including The Innovative CIO, he’s a sought after speaker, and tech provocateur who is never shy about what’s wrong with IT and where the world of digital is headed.

Thanks to friend of the podcast Steve Kaplan for the intro to Andi.

Listen and learn… 

  1. Why Andi summarizes his career this way: "I make computers do more work to allow people to do more creative things" 
  2. The best use of enterprise AI Andi has seen 
  3. How Andi helped an industrial transportation company save a billion dollars 
  4. Why “less complex systems can’t understand more complex systems” 
  5. Why the best use of AI is targeting “known knowns” by augmenting vs. replacing human intelligence 
  6. How to overcome the lack of trust in AI 
  7. Why AI won’t eliminate any jobs… and why it will create many new ones 
  8. Skills to invest in today that will never be replaced by automation 

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