Adam Wenchel is the CEO of Arthur, a company with a platform that gives you an immediate comprehensive AI performance solution across LLMs, Computer Vision, Tabular Data, and NLP. 

Adam and the team have been making AI observable for almost 5 years with Arthur. Arthur has raised over $60 million from a legendary group of investors including Index Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Work-Bench, and others. An equal list of impressive customers they’ve served includes Humana and Plaid, among others. 

Listen and learn

  • How Adam started his career in AI
  • How he helped map out Capital One’s early AI strategy 
  • The value of evaluating AI model performance 
  • How Arthur launched its first LLM-specific product and what the team learned 
  • How to monitor the performance of an LLM model in production and which questions to ask when evaluating it 
  • The lessons from growing a startup that nobody talks about 

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